Tuesday, December 17, 2019

ISA-Project-7-Visit ot a Library

Our students were extremely happy getting warm welcome by Sr. Teacher Dinesh Paudel is SOS School, Itahari. Before entering Library wonderful orientation was conducted. Thanks you Dinesh sir for your cordiality.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

ISA-Project-6-Watching Videos

Students are watching videos regarding healthy food and healthy habits of other countries also. They are trying to find out the facts by surfing net. They enjoyed a lot while finding the facts.
Students are surfing the information on healthy food using internet.

Tender hands, useful information.

They learn this way.

They are ready.

Trying to find the information on healthy food and healthy habit.

Watching video on healthy food and healthy habit.

Teacher is explaining about healthy food and healthy habit.

Close guidance always supports us.

Enjoying a lot.


Making the Digital entry of deposited money from students.

Standing in a queue for opening account and depositing money in KVian Children Bank.

Receiving cash from students.

Hello Can I deposit money?

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

ISA-Project-6-Sharing Books-Tr. Prakash is conducting Orientation on Reading books

Students have already started reading books and sharing with friends. They are exchanging books with each other too. As we have got the new books our Tr. Prakash is very excited to orient our students again to encourage them for reading those books.
We love reading books.

Tr. Prakash is orienting students on reading books.

Happy to share what they are reading.

Very curious to know about the things.

Look! How busy we are!

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Tr. Prakash is talking about Do's and Don's about sharing books.

We always enjoy reading books.

Reading together is always a fun.

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